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Kate Engler Counseling is a thriving, relationship-focused private practice. We specialize in working with individual adults and couples with a primary focus on romantic relationship issues such as difficulty connecting, divorce, affairs, dating, sexual issues, self-esteem, boundaries, life transitions, balancing parental and mental load, etc.

At our practice, we deeply believe that relationships are critical to overall wellness, health and healing. We also understand that relationships can be extremely complicated. Therefore, we prioritize normalizing these challenges for our clients and taking a non-shaming, non-judgmental stance on the issues they bring to us. We know that our clients are the experts in their lives and that they all have the ability to affect positive change for themselves. We are LGBTQIA affirming and value race, culture, and gender as critical parts of all of our identities.

Couples Therap
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Tel: ​(844) 546-6642 ​ |  10024 Skokie Blvd., Suite 207 Skokie, IL, 60077

To book a session or inquire about therapy services, please call the office directly at (844) 546-6642. 

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